The Charlotte, NC photography studio is currently closed while we full-time RV. You can follow all the fun at!

Meet Brittany Lauren Griggs

Brittany Lauren Creates


I’m the dreamer and doer behind Brittany Lauren Creates (previously Brittany Lauren Photography).

Our motto around here is to create a life well lived which looks different to all of us. No matter if your version is as a full-time RVer like us or life in the big city, just live it well.


Born and raised in South Carolina, I was the talkative, hyperactive girl with an overactive imagination. My ultimate dream job was working for National Geographic traveling all over the world and, let’s be honest, that’s still on the bucket list.


I wanted to go to college for photography but chose a more “traditional” route and graduated with an Accounting and Finance degree. I even minored in German! Not what you were expecting, huh? After college, I landed a great job in the banking world that moved me to NYC – a dream come true.

After a few short years, I decided to leave Corporate America to follow my love of photography. And that’s how Brittany Lauren Photography, my portrait photography studio, was born in April 2012.

What started off as a little photography business in NYC, quickly grew into a thriving studio when we moved back to Charlotte, NC. I was incredibly blessed to work with some amazing families.


By now you should know I’m a big supporter of following your dreams. When I met my husband, Jordan, one of the first things I learned about him was his dream of playing on the PGA tour. I didn’t really know much about golf at the time, except that Tigers Woods was a pretty good golfer, but thought that was pretty cool.

Fast forward to 2015, we’re married, he’s fully supported my photography business from the beginning and the studio is doing so well, it could financially support our household as the sole income. So Jordan left Corporate America to chase his golf dreams which he writes about on The Dapper Drive.

Life with a golfer means lots of tournaments, traveling and following good golf weather. We knew once the winter came around, Jordan would need to compete in a different region than North Carolina. The weather is too cold. We had two choices – he could travel without us or we could all go together. And by us, I’m referring to our furry children. We have a dog and cat.

So naturally I went to dreaming again and camper life seemed to fit the best. We could be mobile for his tournaments, to adventure in between and create a little home I could work in on the road. Made sense to me! So we searched for 4 months for the perfect little used travel trailer (#monteethecamper), spent 2 months DIY’ing the reno to fit our needs and style then hit the road January 2016. The Charlotte studio is currently closed while we’re on the road and we don’t have a definite date we’ll be back yet.


I’m multi-passionate. Deep conversations are one of my love languages. I love God, fresh flowers, red wine, traveling, change and omelets in the morning. Tagalongs are my favorite girl scout cookie. I bite my fingernails. I know, bad habit! The sunshine motivates me. I’m a DIY queen, essential oils addict and mama to 2 rescue animals. You can find all their shenanigans on Instagram #EllaGriggs (dog) and #PenelopeGriggs (cat). And this is my little space on the internet.



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