We’re moving…sort of… to full time travelers!

So we are moving, sort of! I’ve always had a big appetite for change, things moving forward and new adventures. I think I’m scared of things staying the same. To me, change is a good thing most of the time. Since graduating college in 2008, things have changed quite a bit. I started a corporate job in Charlotte, NC. A year… Read More

Newborn babies and their dogs

I’m a big dog lover. My life basically revolves around our dog, Ella, and I love that. She’s our fur child and life wouldn’t be the same without her. So when a client asks “Can we include our dog(s) in our shoot?” My answer is always “YES!” especially when it’s a newborn session. They are just as much a part… Read More

I wish I knew I determine my self worth

This one’s tough.  We’ve all done it at some point or another.  We all compare, doubt ourselves, our prices, our client experience, our talent, ability to make it all work especially when we are just getting started.  You look at so many different photographers and creatives and want to be where they are.  You compare style, editing, shooting technique, locations,… Read More